Artifacts that were found at the sick house include:

  • Imported British ceramics,
  • Locally made ceramics,
  • Glass from alcohol and medicine bottles,
  • Ground stone lithics,
  • Flaked glass,
  • Chert flakes
  • Personal items such as buttons and clothing clasps
  • Even a small bit of preserved textile!
  • Butchered and processed animal bone
  • Fish bone
  • Shell
  • Clay pipes and pipestems
  • Architectural debris such as wrought iron nails, clay rooftiles, iron doorknobs
  • Lead fishing weights
  • Horseshoes and horseshoe nails
  • Metal barrel straps
  • Bits of ferrous material from metal working
  • A clothes iron

Artifacts from the less poorly preserved areas around the domestic quarters include:

  • Imported British ceramics
  • Locally made ‘colonowares’ or prehistoric ceramics
  • Butchered and processed animal bone
  • Shell
  • Fish bone
  • Fishing weights
  • Musket balls
  • Iron nails
  • Glass from alcohol/medicine bottles
  • Metal hoe fragment
  • Smoking pipes
  • Buttons and clothing clasps
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